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Pre-production, production and post-production.

We will accompany you and your project in all steps: From the first consultation meeting

and project briefing over to concept creation and production until the very last fine tuning

in post-production.


With a deep passion and understanding for narrative concepts in motion picture we want to find the most effective communications strategy in form of an exciting film product for you. Over the course of the project we will of course remain completely transparent with you

to achieve the missions goal.

Films still are one of the best forms of advertisement and communication thanks to the mediums flexibility in adapting to modern platform demands. We create film concepts in the genres of commercial film for product and image purposes, social media and also documentaries.

On demand the final product will be customized to suit your website, online shop, youtube or other social media channels. We will find the ideal visual solution for you to put you on the map.

Filmkram is a commercial video production company based in Leipzig that operates throughout Germany and also internationally.

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